Wolf lubricants. Building your business together

Enhance engine performance
Engines are more potent when serviced with the right technology enhanced engine oils.
Extend vehicle uptime
Keep equipment active in the field and on the road by protecting their original design.
Decrease operating costs
Improved return on oil investment and well-protected engine parts decrease overall operating costs.
Increase equipment lifespan
Improved wear protection and anti-oxidative formulations will keep your equipment clean and pure.
Optimise fuel economy
Friction reducing additives and balanced viscosity grades enable vehicles to operate more efficiently.
With the increasing sophistication and performance of modern construction machinery combined with daily harsh operation conditions, lubricants play a vital role to ensure fleet productivity. Our fluids are engineered to enhance engine performance, extend vehicle uptime, decrease operating costs, optimize fuel economy and increase the lifespan of your equipment.

Wolf, your premium lubricant specialist

Modern construction machinery contains a wide range of valuable systems in dire need of advanced lubricants, provided by a premium oil specialist. With over 60 years of experience and dedicated entirely to the oils and lubricants sector, we offer a wide range of products of the highest quality, adapted to the requirements of your entire fleet. Our team of experts is at your service to offer you the best products for your needs and boost your profitability. Wolf is your preferred partner for all heavy-duty lubrication.

Oil Analysis Tool: a first step towards understanding your needs

Through the analysis of your oils, our experts establish a detailed diagnosis of your fleet. This information allows them to provide you with tailor-made advice on proactive maintenance, providing you with extended vehicle uptime and decreased operating costs.

Do you use lubricants adapted to your equipment? To make sure, visit our stand at Intermat to receive your free oil analysis kit.

Wolf lubricants keep engines young

Wolf lubricants consist of a sophisticated combination of active ingredients that create complex interactions to ensure our product solutions maintain their properties fully, allowing engines to perform more efficiently for longer.

Wolf’s heavy-duty expertise is more than innovative products, we combine it with tailored added value services. It is designed to facilitate efficient and protective lubrication for an entire fleet. From answering the needs of a wide range of engines, transmission systems, hydraulic systems and gear boxes to analyses of the used oil from your equipment – Wolf is your long-term lubricant partner.